Division for the History of Science and Technology (IUHPST)


History of DHST

In the issue of the journal Archeion of November-December 1927, the Italian historian of science Aldo Mieli (1879-1950) appealed to his colleagues working on the history of science for an active and organic participation in the international organisation of history. Following this appeal, historians of science participated in the 6th Congress of the Historical Sciences, held in Oslo in 1928. There they founded the International Committee of History of Science, which organized the 1st International Congress of History of Science, held in Paris in 1929. During the 2nd Congress, held in London in 1931, the Committee became the International Academy of the History of Science, an association of individual members with the aim to represent and organise history of science at an international level. At the 5th International Congress, held in 1947 in Lausanne,  participants founded an institution different from the Academy, without individual members and consisting of national committees representing the participating states: the International Union of History of Science (IUHS), which took over the task of organising the international congresses. IUHS became member of ICSU (International Council of Science Scientific Unions), which was funded by UNESCO after World War II.  In 1955, at ICSU’s request, the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS) was created by merging IUHS and the International Union of Philosophy of Science; it was structured in two divisions, the Division of History of Science (IUHPS/DHS) and the Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DLMPS). In the 2010s, Technology was added to the name of all three institutions.

Councils of DHS and DHST since 1947